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Home The religious experience that was the “Avatar”

The religious experience that was the “Avatar”

January 07, 2014 Trackback Bloggies by Saqib Bashir Edit

I remember going to watch the Avatar a good few years back at the cinema. It was the hottest movie out at the time and I had to go and watch it. Now, for most people it was just a movie and they probably felt as they might have felt when e.g. watching Terminator 2 back in the day at the cinema. However, for me it was more than that. As I was watching the movie, I couldn’t help but see a few parallels. First of all, the world that the movie creator had come up with was something that I could never had imagined – suspended mountains, waterfalls that go nowhere, plants that glow at night – simply amazing. It reminded me of how heaven is described in my religion as being a place that no eyes have seen and no mind can imagine. It just made me think what heaven would be like as this world in Avatar that amazed me, was still a product of a human mind!


Secondly, the Navi reminded me of the world of today. Beings that are quite low tech, very involved in their religion being hunted by a materialistic group of people with advanced weapons who want to kill Navi to get their hands on something that is under their feet… hmmmm!