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Where no Muslim has gone before!

December 18, 2010 Trackback Bloggies by Saqib Bashir Edit
The Iranian Ambassador to the United Nations had just finished giving a speech, and walked out into the lobby where he met President Bush.
They shook hands, and as they walked the Iranian said, ''You know, I have just one question about what I have seen in America.''
President Bush said, "Well, anything I can do to help you, I will."
The Iranian whispered: ''My son watches this show 'Star Trek' and in it there is Chekhov who is Russian, Scotty who is Scottish, Uhura who is Black, and Sulu who is Chinese, but no Arabs. My son is very upset and doesn't understand why there aren't any Iranians, Syrians, or Iraqis on "Star Trek."
President Bush laughed, leaned toward the Iranian ambassador, and whispered: ''It's because it takes place in the future.''

I read a variation of the above joke many years ago.. I smiled and ignored it. I am a big fan of Star Trek and have been following it since 1994. I know that its just a sci-fi program and one shouldn't think about it too much but it is interesting to analyse how Americans see the future. Federation is just a future version of USA.. They go around recruiting people into their group as long as they fit into their mould perfectly. They tout a philosophy of moral higher ground and are constantly praised by the aliens for their uniqueness and their capacity to adapt and grow. However, why is it that most of the people are from what was USA (in the 24th century) or the current powers such as UK, China, France, USSR and Japan? Why are all the federation head quarters and offices in the USA? And the most important question, WHAT DID THEY DO TO the MUSLIMS?!?!

I would have loved to hear a reference to a federation office in Islamabad, Kabul or Riyadh. I would have like to see captain Sisko as a Sudanese rather than from new-orleans! The only thing that came closest of an acknowledgement of Muslims in the 24th century was Dr. Julian Bashir!! So the guy couldn't even secure a Muslim first name. He acted just like everyone else.. had the same ethics and lack of Muslim values such as romancing any woman he set his eyes on! But the crown in the jewel turned out to be a revelation that he was genetically engineered! A person who was remotely Muslim couldn't even secure a job amongst the USA born fellas without cheating! He had to genetically 'enhance' himself just to be able to compete with them! Oh well, I guess in the Americans eyes, Muslims are a lower form of life. In an idealistic view of  Americans' future, they have eliminated hunger, greed and Muslims.